Tips on how to clear your Apple Watch in 5 steps


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Do not forget that grime you’d get caught beneath your Casio calculator watch again within the day from by no means taking it off?

You’d suppose we might be secure from that with an Apple Watch, since we consistently should take away it to cost it, however you would be mistaken. 

All that dust, mud, lifeless pores and skin, and sweat nonetheless hides within the crevices of your watch, and it could even intrude together with your Apple Watch’s efficiency

An Apple Watch can accumulate an excessive amount of particles across the Digital Crown, for instance, inflicting it to get caught. Very similar to those in your iPhone, the speaker ports in your Apple Watch are one other traditional sufferer to grime, and clearing these out can assist in case your speaker quantity out of the blue is simply too low

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Tips on how to clear your Apple Watch in 5 steps


Begin by eradicating the band in your Apple Watch; we’ll clear these individually.

To take away the band, place the watch face down on a flat, clear floor. Press down the band launch buttons. These are the 2 buttons in the midst of the place the band meets the watch. 

Whereas urgent down the discharge buttons, slide the band misplaced and take away it fully. 

Beneath are the buttons you might want to press down whereas sliding out the watchband.

Hands removing band on the Apple Watch

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Buttons highlighted on the back of an Apple Watch

Whereas urgent these buttons, slide the band out.

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Do an in depth inspection of your Apple Watch and search for any grime that will have constructed up in all of the hard-to-reach areas. Look intently within the speaker ports, across the button and Digital Crown, and within the band slot. 

Attempt to loosen the stuck-on dust out of your watch’s crevices with the cotton swab. If the grime is not budging, attempt holding your watch beneath gently operating water to loosen it up (see Apple’s assist web page for data on how water resistant your specific Apple Watch mannequin is, and by no means use soapy water). Then give the cotton swab one other shot. 

For those who really feel you might be additional light, you possibly can attempt this methodology across the Digital Crown and on the speaker port (proven in picture under). Utilizing an interdental brush to scrub small areas in your digital units is a good concept, offered you are extraordinarily cautious with it. Solely use the edges of the comb, not the tip. And irrespective of how tempted you’re, do not use compressed air to scrub your Apple Watch.

Using a Q-tip to clean an Apple Watch

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Cleaning speaker port with brush

Solely use the edges of the interdental brush, by no means use the sharp tip.

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Dampen one of many two cleansing cloths with clear water and wipe down your Apple Watch, back and front. Be certain that your fabric is damp however not dripping moist by squeezing out any extra water out earlier than utilizing it in your watch. Look out for any dust you might have loosened with the comb and wipe it away.

Once more, it is essential to not use any soaps or cleansing merchandise once you’re cleansing your Apple Watch, and do not submerge your watch in water to scrub it, particularly not older fashions.

Cleaning Apple Watch with a damp microfiber cloth

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So long as you do not have a leather-based band, you possibly can wipe your Apple Watch band with the identical damp fabric and even wash the band with delicate hand cleaning soap. Apple doesn’t advocate cleansing its watchbands with abrasive soaps or cleansing brokers.

Whether or not you clear your band or not, it can fade or fluctuate in colour over time and with repeated use. Utilizing cleansing merchandise apart from delicate hand cleaning soap will exacerbate fading and discoloration, so once more, keep away from these.

Wiping Apple Watch bands with a damp cloth

I opted to easily wipe my band, because it wasn’t too soiled.

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Use the dry, lint-free fabric to dry off the clear components of your watch. Earlier than you set your band again in your Apple Watch, guarantee that each single space in your watch and band is totally dry. 

To reassemble your Apple Watch, place it facedown on a clear floor once more, then maintain the band with the letters and numbers going through you, and slide every one into the slot till you hear a faint click on.

Dry Apple Watch and band pieces on microfiber cloth

My watch after drying the person items with a microfiber fabric.

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Can I disinfect my Apple Watch?

For those who’ve owned an Apple Watch throughout the previous couple of years, you have in all probability questioned if it is secure to disinfect your Apple Watch with out damaging it. Apple has permitted using some disinfectants to securely clear your watch:

  • 70% Isopropyl alcohol wipe
  • 75% Isopropyl alcohol wipe
  • Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

This clearly doesn’t suggest that you may give your Apple Watch a scrubbing with a Clorox wipe, however you possibly can gently wipe the outside of the Apple Watch and band with one among these wipes, aside from leather-based and material bands.

How do I clear my smelly Apple Watch band?

The game band on the Apple Watch is sadly typically stricken by a foul scent, notably when worn throughout train. A great way to get smells like this out is to take away it from the watch and wash it properly with hand cleaning soap, then dry it with a microfiber towel, and ensure it’s fully dry earlier than sporting it once more.

If the scent persists, wipe it with an isopropyl alcohol wipe, particularly the underside, and let it air-dry fully.

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Can I wash my Apple Watch within the sink?

Apple does not advocate washing its smartwatches with cleaning soap, as cleaning soap residue can get caught in small areas of the watch and trigger issues down the road. Relying on the mannequin, this doesn’t suggest you possibly can’t bathe together with your watch or do dishes with it, nonetheless. Once more, test the diploma of water resistance of the mannequin that you simply personal.

You possibly can wash the band within the sink with some delicate hand cleaning soap, nonetheless, offered it is not leather-based.

I do not wash my Apple Watch within the sink, however each evening earlier than mattress, I take it off and wipe it with a Clorox wipe, then let it totally air-dry earlier than charging it or sporting it once more. 

Can I clear an Apple Watch leather-based band?

Leather-based bands aren’t waterproof and might develop into discolored if cleaned unsuitable. If in case you have a leather-based band on your Apple Watch and want to scrub it, you need to use a barely damp fabric to scrub it, taking nice care to not soak the leather-based. Let it air-dry fully earlier than sporting it once more, however do not put it out within the solar to do it, as it can develop into broken. Air-drying your leather-based band inside is sufficient.

What to keep away from when cleansing the Apple Watch?

  • Keep away from any harsh cleaners of any variety, in addition to merchandise containing bleach or hydrogen peroxide. 
  • Do not submerge your Apple Watch in cleansing options or soapy water. Do not submerge older fashions in water in any respect.
  • Do not use compressed air or ultrasonic cleansing.
  • Do not blow-dry your Apple Watch or go away it out within the solar to dry.
  • By no means polish or buff your Apple Watch.

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